Top 5 Things You Cannot Afford To Ignore In Your Website

The practice of SEO is not just about building backlinks and giving shout outs at different forums about your website. It also consists of a rather much more important aspect, known as On Page SEO, which involves making sure your website is configured and presented in such a way that makes possible for you to rank higher. Your Off Page SEO efforts cannot bring you much result unless you have spent a solid amount of effort first on your On Page optimization.

Today we are presenting you with different aspects of a website you cannot ignore if you are a serious business owner:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool which gives your website a score on the basis of loading time and different assets and their loading time. This is basically a measure of how fast your website loads. “You cannot expect to get a good ranking with Google if you do not have a good PageSpeed score” says SEO Vancouver. In order to get a good search ranking, we recommend a PageSpeed score as high as possible. You should however try to get past 80 as a rule of thumb.

The PageSpeed tool brings out a detailed report of aspects which are making your website slow to load. It also helps you in providing ways to solve this. If you have any images on your website which are slow to load, you can download optimized versions of these images and then replace the original ones with them. It also provides minified JS and CSS resources that you can use.

W3C Compliant Code

The entire HTML in your website should be W3C compliant. Markup validation is an essential parameter which determines the quality rendering of web pages. No serious owner can skip this step. You should make sure that all the markup on your website is W3C compliant. There are online tools which can help you with checking your code and providing recommendations for improvement. If you are still unsure, a SEO Company can help you with that.

Using A CAPTCHA On All Your Forms

“Using a CAPTCHA on all your forms is essential in order to avoid automated attacks and reducing server load due to automated attacks.” says the best local seo company. Forms without captcha are a bad idea, and everybody would agree on this. If you have any publicly access forms on your website which are not protected by some kind of CAPTCHA, you are vulnerable to a ton of spam which can increase multi-fold in the matter of minutes.

Minifying CSS and JS resources

Although minified CSS and JS resources are a part of Google Pagespeed Insights check, we have decided to discuss it separately too. You need to make sure your JS and CSS resources are minified. Minifying is the act of removing unnecessary indents and spaces in your CSS and JS resources which helps in decreasing their size and hence helps in the process of optimization of loading time of your website.

Meta Tags

The importance of Meta Tags cannot be stressed enough. You need to put appropriate and descriptive meta tags which makes your presentation more informative and appealing to the user.

We have presented this information with the aim that more and more of our readers can realize how they can get the most out of their websites. So if you have been troubled as to why your website isn’t performing as well as you would like it to, please check if it meets all the aspects we have discussed in this article.


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