Which AdWords campaign type is right for me? [VIDEO TRANSCRIPT]

Henry, Maria, and Ted are three very happy AdWords advertisers who have gotten very good at answering one important question, which campaign type is right for me? Well, there’s no one size fits all in AdWords. What works for one person, may not work for another. To help you figure out what’s best for your business, let’s start by looking at some of the options available to you.

Campaign type determines things like where your ads can show to customers, and what format they can be in, like text or video. Campaigns are a must know if you are specializing in SEO Vancouver. Your ads can show on one or both of Google’s advertising networks depending on the campaign type you choose. These networks make up all of the places where your ads can appear, whether on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. There’s the search network which shows ads when users search on Google and on other search websites that partner with Google to show ads. There’s the display network where ads appear on millions of popular websites, mobile apps, videos, and more, with content related to your targeting. As you’ll see with Henry, Maria, and Ted, you can pick a campaign type that uses just one of these networks, or both networks with the Search Network with Display Select campaign type.

Next, you’ll choose a campaign sub-type. The most common options, Standard and All Features, let you determine how many settings you want to choose from for your campaign. If you want to accomplish a specific goal with your ads, like driving more installs of your mobile app, you can choose a specific campaign sub-type to meet your needs. In general, the Standard sub-type is best if you’re new to AdWords or just want to get your campaign set up quickly without a lot of additional options. The All Features choice is best if your a daily AdWords user and want to be able to mix and match different AdWords features, like scheduling your ads to run at certain times and targeting ads to specific locations or websites.

Now, let’s tie it all together with a few examples. Ted runs a thriving travel agency and is still pretty new to AdWords. When he created a campaign to promote his tour packages, he chose the recommended settings for all new campaigns, Search Network with Display Select. This campaign type is great for Ted because it helps him reach the largest possible audience by showing his ads on both the search and display networks with the least amount of set-up. To make things even simpler, Ted picks the Standard sub-type because he knows he doesn’t need a lot of flexibility for his campaign.

Here’s Henry the Handyman. Henry is an experienced advertiser. When he sets up a new campaign to promote his roofing repair service, he chose a Search Network Only campaign with the All Features sub-type. This type of campaign is right for his business because it helps him reach new customers right when they’re searching for a handyman. His home repair service isn’t open 24/7, so he selected the All Features sub-type to get access to tools that let him schedule his ads to only show during business hours.

Maria is in a different situation. She wants more people to know about her store, but not just any customers, the right customers for what she sells. Maria decides that a Display Network Only campaign is what she needs. This campaign type lets her reach customers wherever they are online, whether that’s browsing websites, watching YouTube videos, or using mobile apps. The targeting options in a Display Network Only campaign let her show her ads to just the right audience.

For a complete comparison of all the different campaign types and sub-types available to you, visit the AdWords help center which is used by the best SEO company.

Google Penguin Update [2016]: How To Effectively Optimize Your Sites And Avoid The Possible Penalties?

Google is always updating its search engine algorithms and has been making SEO more and more about keeping on your toes. Whenever, a major change is around, people are more and more worried about getting their websites penalized. In order to make sure you are not on the receiving end of Google’s penalizing on the updates.

Low Quality and Duplicate Content Is  A Strict NO!

Link farms had become a problem, and Google decided to penalize them says SEO Vancouver. Link farms had been spamming some really low quality content around. So if there is one basic takeout from this article and to future proof yourself from any subsequent updates- Never compromise on the quality of your content. Always put up high quality content on your website. Also, duplicity is another problem where same content is used across multiple domains. Such practices are sure to make you ruined. So the very basic rules of content would be- Stay top quality, stay original.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Relevant keywords are good, stuffed keywords are not, and Best SEO company minces no words in saying that. Your content should not have a couple of keywords stuffed every couple of lines. Your content should be authentic, original and any keywords which appear should come naturally within the context and natural flow of the article. Keyword stuffing is not going to help you in any way.

Location Is Important:

Search is not just about information anymore. Its also about service providers. Hence, you should make sure that you have updated your website with your location data properly. This helps search engines in listing your services more well in response to search engine queries. If you really want to utilize the full potential of search, you should take location data pretty seriously as all trends are suggesting, it is going to get more and more important in the coming times.

Search Is Mobile:

Search is becoming more and more mobile. You have to make sure that your website is mobile optimized in the best way possible. You cannot ignore proper mobile optimization if you want to stay ahead in the game according to SEO Vancouver.

Check The Spam On Your Website:

If you have a website, you must have been subjected to some kind of spam. Make sure that none of it stays on your website. Spam content is often duplicate and is always a red flag. So always make sure that if you have enabled user interaction on your website, the interaction is genuine and authentic.

Take Care Of Dead Links:

You have to make sure that all the information and links that are present on your website stay relevant and there are no dead links. Dead links serve no utility to anyone and hence are a strict no no.

Get Your Loading Speed Optimized:

In order to portray yourself as a serious contender in the business, always make sure that your website’s speed is optimized. You cannot have a slow loading website in the present times and expect to lead the fray. Even Google has been marking websites as ‘Slow To Load’ in its search results.

Avoiding penalties is not that tough, if you really take care to make sure that you follow the basics, and you follow them well. If you put efforts into your link building practices, and optimize your website well with high quality authentic content, you should not be that worried about your the next Google update.

Top 5 Things You Cannot Afford To Ignore In Your Website

The practice of SEO is not just about building backlinks and giving shout outs at different forums about your website. It also consists of a rather much more important aspect, known as On Page SEO, which involves making sure your website is configured and presented in such a way that makes possible for you to rank higher. Your Off Page SEO efforts cannot bring you much result unless you have spent a solid amount of effort first on your On Page optimization.

Today we are presenting you with different aspects of a website you cannot ignore if you are a serious business owner:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool which gives your website a score on the basis of loading time and different assets and their loading time. This is basically a measure of how fast your website loads. “You cannot expect to get a good ranking with Google if you do not have a good PageSpeed score” says SEO Vancouver. In order to get a good search ranking, we recommend a PageSpeed score as high as possible. You should however try to get past 80 as a rule of thumb.

The PageSpeed tool brings out a detailed report of aspects which are making your website slow to load. It also helps you in providing ways to solve this. If you have any images on your website which are slow to load, you can download optimized versions of these images and then replace the original ones with them. It also provides minified JS and CSS resources that you can use.

W3C Compliant Code

The entire HTML in your website should be W3C compliant. Markup validation is an essential parameter which determines the quality rendering of web pages. No serious owner can skip this step. You should make sure that all the markup on your website is W3C compliant. There are online tools which can help you with checking your code and providing recommendations for improvement. If you are still unsure, a SEO Company can help you with that.

Using A CAPTCHA On All Your Forms

“Using a CAPTCHA on all your forms is essential in order to avoid automated attacks and reducing server load due to automated attacks.” says the best local seo company. Forms without captcha are a bad idea, and everybody would agree on this. If you have any publicly access forms on your website which are not protected by some kind of CAPTCHA, you are vulnerable to a ton of spam which can increase multi-fold in the matter of minutes.

Minifying CSS and JS resources

Although minified CSS and JS resources are a part of Google Pagespeed Insights check, we have decided to discuss it separately too. You need to make sure your JS and CSS resources are minified. Minifying is the act of removing unnecessary indents and spaces in your CSS and JS resources which helps in decreasing their size and hence helps in the process of optimization of loading time of your website.

Meta Tags

The importance of Meta Tags cannot be stressed enough. You need to put appropriate and descriptive meta tags which makes your presentation more informative and appealing to the user.

We have presented this information with the aim that more and more of our readers can realize how they can get the most out of their websites. So if you have been troubled as to why your website isn’t performing as well as you would like it to, please check if it meets all the aspects we have discussed in this article.


Why Image Optimization is an Absolute Necessity for SEO?

Image optimization

When content for a webpage is created and published, image optimization is probably the last thing an author knows about. Well, it is an acceptable mistake if an author’s example is taken into consideration in this context. But, it should be in the “Absolutely-To-Do” list of an SEO Vancouver specialist before posting the graphical parts of web based content.

According to the SERP feature history of Mozcast Feature Graph, Google images search ranking is 3rd in the list with 32.4% of organic search results following Adwords – Side of 42.6% search results (2nd in the list) and Adwords – Top of 58.3% search results (1st in the list) respectively.

In this post, I’ll try and explain certain small SEO steps which can improve the visibility of your webpage with the help of image optimization:

  1. Naming of the Image Files: Even if it sounds absurd, a proper image file name plays a generous role in image optimization. According to google, a file name of “Testing Audi A8” does well than “IMG_909”.
  1. Character size of File-name: 3-5 words file name is optimal for an image file.
  1. Format of Image Files: When it boils down to the format of an image, JPEG steals the show. Instead of putting a PNG file in your webpage, try putting JPEG for better results.
  1. ALT Text: ALTernate Text is a great visibility influencer. Generally, every image should have an ALT text with it which should be descriptive enough for the crawlers.
  1. Do Not Stuff your image’s ALT Text with keywords. It is considered as a bad practice nowadays. Keyword stuffing is being target by google and everyone should avoid this dangerous habit.
  1. User Experience should be the primary concern of every SEO activities we do. Google has become user centric and it is always better to perform the activities taking the requirements of random potential user in the mind. This part should be taken care of carefully. The quality of images should be good yet it should not take more than 2-3 seconds to get loaded in a decent internet connection.
  1. Placement of Images: yes, the placement of images in a web page also decides the faith of the page. It is talked about and a proven fact that if the text surrounding the image is matching or, of relevance, it has a greater chance to get pumped up in the search ranking.

After performing above given steps, the changes of your webpage getting visible in google search results get higher than ever. Please the context of this article in mind. It is also very possible that image optimization does not yield you expected results but for this to happen, you might blame the content associating it as well. Image optimization should be your only way to get ahead but it surely gives you an admirable edge over the others.

Factors such as Image metadata, Dimensions of images and, such things are also said to be crucial factors for SEO Vancouver purposes but there is no definite proof of it. However, it is always advisable to keep an account on all of the relevant factors for better results.